Movie Tuesdays: Why Some Films Deserve a Second Chance

This week’s movie post is less of a post about a specific movie and more about something that I learned while watching “The Grey”.  As I was sitting in the theater a certain scene really hit home with me, a scene I won’t describe as to not spoil the movie. Later on I realized that what had made the scene so special and heartfelt to me, personally, was that I could relate to it in a major way.

Besides just relating to the scene it did its work to make me feel like I was living the scene.  When a movie can do that it has you, no doubt about it, but when can a movie do that? I would argue that many movies can do something similar to that to many of us, we just have to look for it. Now in this particular scene there were themes of loss, death, and love all revolving around a relationship.  If someone has never experienced the intensity of a relationship the character portrays then the scene won’t be as powerful to them.

That is why I would argue that some films deserve a second chance from us.  Perhaps not right this moment, and maybe not tomorrow either.  However, maybe when you have a child or a job or a strong and serious relationship.  Maybe then the movie will bring about certain feelings and thoughts that were dormant or non-existent when you previously viewed the film.

That being said, I don’t think all movies deserve a second chance. Obviously some movies are just plain terrible or do little to connect with you whatsoever.  But, if you’ve ever seen a movie that someone else totes as the greatest movie or scene they’ve ever seen keep that in mind.  Perhaps in a few years re-watching that scene or movie will stir you up inside in a whole different way.

As a personal example I remember watching “Kicking and Screaming”, the Noah Baumbach film not the Will Farrell comedy, when it was on Starz years ago.  I was probably 13 or 14 and I didn’t care for it.  I understood the humor, I got the subtlety of the jokes, and I understood the nods it made towards certain aspects of life but it wasn’t for me.

However, now that I’m nearing the end of my college studies, hopefully, it is all much more direct and it hits me in a different way.  College grads scrambling for some idea of what to do with their lives is more enjoyable and thought provoking now then when I barely understood what college was.

So maybe there’s a movie out there that you just don’t care for or just don’t get right now, and that’s fine.  Try to keep it in mind down the road and give it another go.  Maybe it’ll mean something different to you when your life is in a different place,and maybe you’ll find it more meaningful that you could’ve imagined because you’re in a point in your life that you didn’t think possible.

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