Beside the Acacias

Beside the Acacias (Pt 2 “Fire at her heels”)

(This is a creative narrative and work of fiction based on the album “Red of Tooth and Claw” by the band Murder by Death”. The narrative is entirely of my own creation, the events and characters are based off the lyrics of the album but the story is my own.)

Link to Part 1 (in case you missed it)

I had a fire in my eyes as I drove down the interstate, knowing exactly when to turn.  Highway 8 was the place dreams became reality, only to shatter your very core in the end.  On that stretch of dirt there were bars, bars I knew very well.  The girls in the bars all knew me as I was a regular in times of sadness and need.  Lately there had been a lot of sadness and need in my life.  Eve, Dawn, Sarah, Veronica, the list went on and on.  To me they were all the same except for the way they looked.  They all drank mixed vodka drinks and each one was the same type of lay.  It wasn’t hard to get them tipsy, maybe two or three drinks and they were swaying.  Then again, maybe they were just playing their game the way they wanted to.

The drive was lonesome and the radio didn’t work in the car. I was already drunk and the road swerved back and forth as I tried to keep the car aligned with it. It was late, but the heat was still tough to swallow. It took longer than usual but I found my way into the parking lot and stared up at the neon sign for a moment. “Oasis” it said, a drinking hole tucked away in the desert. It’d be a clever name if not for the dozen other bars just like it within ear shot.  I turned the key and slid it out of the ignition, glancing down just in time to watch the key fall from my hand.  I bent over and scraped around on the car mat looking for it in the dark.  Its cold metallic feel attracted my grasp as I picked it up and slid it into my pocket.  I stared at the door of the bar and figured it’d be just like all the other nights. Opening the car door I was slapped in the face immediately with the heat, it was stagnant.  My forehead was sweating and my neck stung as it had just been shaved that morning. Each bead of sweat that ran itself down my face, past my stubble, and onto my neck caused a painful sting as the saltwater drop hung itself around my raw neck.

I locked the car door and looked into the window; using the light from the post behind me I adjusted my tie so that it hung loosely.  For the first time all day I looked exactly as I felt, like shit.  I wiped my neck with the back of my hand and headed towards the door.  The inside of the bar was filled with chatter and the music caused them all to talk louder.  Not that anyone there had anything useful or meaningful to say, they all just liked to hear the sound of their own voices I suppose.  I found a seat at the bar and ordered a whiskey sour; they were easy to knock back. I downed two as fast as I could and looked around to survey the crowd, not too bad tonight.  As the drinks kept coming the girls got prettier, or at least more enticing.  None of them ever peaked my interest enough for me to make a move; I always waited for them to come over to me.  The bar was hot and the smoke from its patrons caused my eyes to turn red.  I was drowning my sorrows away and damn it if it didn’t feel like pure bliss.  Mom had escaped my mind, the pain was nowhere to be found, and my troubles hid themselves for the time being.  It was during my fifth drink that I saw her making her rounds in the bar.  A dark red dress that came down to her mid-thigh, dark hair that rolled its way down to her shoulder blades, and a walk that burned the floor with each step.

I watched her walk around the bar like a tiger on the prowl.  Her eyes targeted each person she walked past with deadly precision and her every move was calculated.  Her legs didn’t move without her brain’s say so and she seemed to be in complete control.  Something about the way she moved had me entranced. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t been with a real woman in months, maybe longer.  Every time she turned her body towards me I felt excitement build up within me, I wanted her.  I had come here expecting to buy a girl for the night but now I wanted a woman to take me instead.  Just as I turned back to my drink I felt the heat of her very presence come next to me, I was physically shaken from her very presence.  She sat down on the stool beside me and crossed her legs as she looked directly at the bartender.  He was across the bar but he was drawn over to her at once, as if by her will alone.  She leaned in and whispered to him and he walked towards the drinks.  In a minute he came back with two whiskey sours; one he placed in front of the beauty and the other he placed in front of me and nodded.  I looked over and she smiled at me, it was then that I knew I’d have to be wherever she was.  She started to drink and just before she finished the glass she put her hand on mine.

“You look like somebody with a story.” she said, her voice sent shivers down my spine.

I don’t know if it was the fact that she had spoken to me or the fact that her touch was intoxicating but whatever it was I found it hard to concentrate.  My mind raced with thoughts of her, I wanted her.

“We all have stories, doesn’t mean any of them are worth sharing.” I replied.

She smiled at me and finished her drink then she lit a cigarette and blew smoke gently at me. I couldn’t take it, she was not like anyone else I had met nor would I ever meet someone like this ever again.  The heat subsided, or at least it felt that way, and it created a blanket of warmth that floated just above us.  My glass had condensation building on it and I watched each drop race its way down the side, not knowing what to say to the girl.  As I looked on her hand crept its way into my view and encircled the glass gently.  She brought it up to her lips and I continued to watch the drops as they turned sideways and began to fall to the earth. I locked onto one drop as it fell through space and landed directly on the side of her exposed thigh. It drop followed the curvature of her leg and sped down past her knee, down her curved calf, and finally falling off just before her ankle.  How I controlled myself is a mystery to me but when I looked up she had finished my drink and was staring into my eyes.  It felt like we were locked in time and the spell only broke when she breathed out smoke and motioned towards the door.  Wherever she wanted to go, I’d be there too.


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