Beside the Acacias

Beside the Acacias (Pt 3 “I want You”)

(This is a creative narrative and work of fiction based on the album “Red of Tooth and Claw” by the band Murder by Death”. The narrative is entirely of my own creation, the events and characters are based off the lyrics of the album but the story is my own.)

*In case you didn’t read part 1 & 2 here you go! (Part 1) (Part 2)

I couldn’t remember the drive to her place, but we arrived none the less.  It was an apartment building styled in some type of Mexican clay-looking fashion. I remember starting up at it trying to keep my balance as I stood outside of the car when a small hand came into my own and led me forward.  She seemed to be comfortable taking me home and yet we hadn’t said a word to each other that was worth a damn.  She didn’t know my name, my intentions, my character, or anything.  Then again I didn’t know a damn thing about her either.  Hell, I didn’t care who she was or what she did in life.  Her beauty was the glow of an anglerfish and I was the longing and curious dinner.  Each step we took was another moment of disbelief to me.  I had plenty of drunken dreams where the best things seemed to happen to me and when I woke up the only thing I could really feel was disappointment and a headache.  This was different though, it had to be.

Too much of my life had been shit lately.  I had gone through so much in the last bit of my life that anything more would just be the world torturing me, and the world wouldn’t do that.  I believed that a man could only take so much punishment before something good came his way, and she was it.  She was an angelic creature whose legs drew up high from the ground to connect to her curved waist, leading up to her slender figure and full chest, and ending at her face that just couldn’t be described.  Women don’t look like that, not real ones anyway.  I had been with a lot of women in my time and this one was just not possible, I couldn’t be drunk enough to mistake her face for anything other than what it was, and that was flawless.  Her hand continued to lead me into a doorway and up stairs, how many I do not know.  Her grip was commanding but gentle and I wouldn’t have let go if the whole damn building lit aflame.

After a few more stairs her figure let me into another doorway, her home no doubt.  It was hot, the whole damn place was hot but I didn’t care.  A smell lingered in the apartment but I couldn’t place the source.  It wasn’t anything rotten or awful, instead it was an enticing smell. Something that drew me in like all of the crimes of my lifetime; a smell that wanted me to act and made me powerless to resist.  I stood in the entranceway as she walked her way into the kitchen and began to make a drink.  I’d never been the type to feel comfortable in another’s home as most of the time I wasn’t supposed to be there.  She walked over holding her drink and grabbed my shirt right around the chest.  She pulled me in close to her face and gave me a kiss that was cooler than any breeze I could’ve asked for.

“Make yourself a drink.” She said in a low tone, forcing me to listen to her words closely.

There wasn’t anything I could say or do, she had me in her grip and I didn’t want her to let go.  I had been with a decent number of women over my life but none of them did this to me.  They all had the same tricks that they believed worked but for the most part I was with them for the lay and then I would get on with my life.  I didn’t need anyone to settle me down or keep me wanting, but she kept me longing for her next touch and I loved each second of it.  I made myself a drink just like she asked and walked through the dark apartment to find her.  The only light I could find was that of the moon peaking its way through the shades.  She must have heard my footsteps aimlessly trotting through the place, I was getting anxious just to see her and she was in the same damn apartment as me.

“Second door on your left, follow your senses” she called.

I don’t know how but she was right, just following my want I found her in her room.  The moonlight was strong in the room as it beamed through her large window and danced atop her bed.  She stood just to the right of the bed and the moonlight half-lit her figure.  She was staring directly into me and it almost felt as though she knew everything about me. Her empty glass rested on the dresser next to her and her hand was making its way up her figure.  It wrapped itself behind her back and my heart started to race uncontrollably.  I lifted my drink to my lips and let the cool fire-water find its way into my mouth and down into my stomach.  My hopes were that it would somehow calm me down but it had little effect on the excitement and anxiety building up in me.  I watched as her figure made its way into the moon light, just in time to fully illuminate her body as the red dress floated gently to the floor.

I felt as though I needed to remember each feature of her, like it was the last time I’d see her.  My eyes raced all over her body, from her toes up to the top of her head.  She really was perfect in every way and as she stood there in red lingerie my body decided it was time to act for once.  I placed my drink on the dresser and moved closer towards her, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and how it would all play out.  To me it was all new and unpredictable but something in her motions made me believe she had an idea of what she wanted.  Her hands gripped my back as my jacket found its way off my body.  She grabbed the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as my tie came undone along with my shirt’s buttons undoing themselves it seemed.

Her mouth was just inches away and soon enough it was right against mine, her tongue exploring its way through my mouth.  Her kiss was incredible and it brought shivers to my entire body.  My hands rose from there stationary position and began to caress her figure, her smooth skin felt outrageous against my hands.  She ripped away my shirt and began to kiss my neck as she worked her way down to my chest.  Each time her lips touched my body the excitement in me rose exponentially, I couldn’t take it.  I reached behind her and undid her bra, letting her chest bathe in the moonlight.  In no time the two of us were bare as can be and I threw her onto the bed, I’d had enough of her tricks and playfulness.  I found her on the bed and laid myself on top of her hot smooth body.  We kissed again and to my surprise I felt her hand around myself, sliding me into her welcoming self.

Each moment inside of her was a moment I wanted to freeze in time, when she let out a moan I wanted to save it in my memory banks for eternity.  Her body arched with pleasure as her nails dug into my back yearning out for more.  I worked and worked trying to make each second as pleasurable as possible for the perfect human that lay before me.  As I reached my end I begged myself to stop the inevitable but even as it all came to a close the sense of serenity lingered.  I collapsed next to her and she sighed as she smiled at me and lit a cigarette.  She ran her fingers through my hair and I closed my eyes.  I knew it was real, my imagination couldn’t be so cruel.


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